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Get more for your dollar with cheaper car insurance on Toyota hybrid cars. To sweeten the deal, all of these special discounts are put into effect separately to standard good driver, multi-policy, and other well-known discounts! And when you buy a hybrid, your car insurance quotes will even be cheaper, too!.  More…


Possibly the best reason to buy a hybrid car is the fact that a lot of car insurance companies work to offer discounts (some of which are even instant!) for people that simply own a hybrid car! . More…


There are certain companies that offer specific hybrid car insurance packages that are built to provide the best discounts around for hybrid drivers, too. . More…

Make Test Driving A Toyota Camry A Priority

In such an ecologically aware generation, it’s becoming more and more popular to buy a hybrid car. Hybrid cars such as the Toyota Camry Hybrid may cost more to buy initially, but with this specific vehicle becoming one of the fastest growing car choices of the automotive industry, their money-saving and efficient expertise go a long way to make up for that one-off outlay. So with this in mind, here are our top 7 reasons to buy a hybrid car.

Firstly – Easy Car Finance – find out about our easy car finance for hybrid cars

Lower Fuel Costs

It’s no secret that the Toyota Camry Hybrid is the most fuel efficient hybrid on the market right now, but it is in fact the most fuel efficient car in the world! If you opt to drive this hybrid in particular, you can expect to get almost 50 MPG- no matter how or where you drive. Even the lowest functioning hybrid car holds average annual fuel costs at just under $1,400, so you’ll be saving a bundle. Additionally Toyotas are so easy to maintain as you have service stations almost everywhere to keep your service schedule up to date, change oil filters, provide windscreen replacement, do road checks and generally keep you car in perfect driving condition. Find out more at

Toyota Corolla RZ

Test Drive A Toyota Corolla RZ

Test Drive a Toyota Hilux

Toyota Tax Incentives

A lesser known fact is that some hybrid car buyers will be able to qualify for income tax credits. Of course these can vary by state, but if you can gain quite a substantial amount of credit for simply opting to drive a hybrid car, why not look into it?


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Free HOV Passes

In accordance to tax incentives, many states have worked to introduce specific programs where the owners of hybrid cars can qualify for free HOV passes and special parking passes. A HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) pass or a parking permit may not seem like a huge incentive, but any way to improve your driving experience should be appreciated!


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Customer Satisfaction

Recent studies suggest that hybrid drivers are among the most satisfied vehicle drivers on the road, so it’s proven that you will feel better for driving a more efficient car! If you couple this with the fact that Toyota (the makers of the most prolific hybrid car) are the manufacturer with the highest customer satisfaction and you may just find yourself becoming one happy driver!


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Cool Toyota Hybrids

When driving your vehicle can save you both money and the planet, it’s safe to say that you can feel just a little bit cool about cruising along in your hybrid. It’s easy to see why a hybrid car is a financially responsible decision, as well as an ecological one, so when it comes to driving, do the right thing.


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