Toyota Corolla

Falling Dollar For Toyota Drivers

What it means is if you are in the market to buy a car you better speed up the process. With no exchange recovery foreseen by the end of the year and possibly well into next year it threatens to increase prices across most models.

This is a change from when we were seeing record highs in the Oz dollar and the bargains in imported vehicles saw a sales boom.

The reason the Australian dollar affects the price of what we can buy imported cars for is we buy imported cars with foreign currencies, and most of the cars into Australia came from Europe, Thailand and South Korea.

If our dollar is buying less, than the products are going to cost more hence the expense is past down to us. This does not apply to all imported models, the Japanese Yen gets weakened by the government and that is why Japanese car prices have remained stable.

Toyota Car manufactures have said they are going to absorb the recent falls in the dollar over the coming months but this will not be sustainable. So to make a decision by the end of the year on an imported vehicle could be better on the hip pocket……or you could buy Australian made!

The dollar has created some great deals on the Toyota Rukus so take one for a test drive


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